If you enjoy things like swords, knights,mead, wenches, and fantasy, then this is some good news aimed just at you. Thompson Park is going to be invaded this fall by all things faire. Notice that's faire...with an "e."

There's a big renaissance faire coming to Amarillo.

Cottonwood Faire In Amarillo October 28

I was a bit gobsmacked to be honest, when the ad on Facebook first assaulted my eyes. I know that Amarillo definitely has a crowd that's into all things medieval and fantasy. We have a LARP community that's thriving. You've probably seen them at a park on a nice sunny weekend.

From the advertisement and their website, you get the impression that this ren-faire is designed to be something pretty big. What that something is, I'm not really sure.

There's a good reason why I'm not sure, though.

It's Not Until October. There's Still Sign Ups For Vendors, Performers, Etc.

While tickets may already be on sale, it's still awfully early to be forming concrete expectations of what you hope to see. There's still sign-ups taking place.

Everything from food trucks to LARP instructors are needed, according to the website.

Seriously, the list is long. If you're a performer of any kind, it looks like there's a solid chance your expertise could be needed.

 Fingers Crossed This Is Everything It's Promised To Be

I lived in Nacogdoches for a while. Everyone that I worked with looked forward to the renaissance faire every year. They would drive for hours to make it to their favorite one.

They always came back with stories of people they'd met, giant turkey legs, and mead induced hangovers. Every year I kept telling myself I needed to go next time, but never did.

The webite for Cottonwood Faire goes so far as to say this experience will be like those in other parts of the state, just without the long drive to get there. Sounds promising.

You can check out the website by following this link.

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