An exciting bit of news recently came regarding the price of gas in Amarillo, Texas. According to AAA, Amarillo was home to the cheapest gas in the entire state of Texas. That's pretty great news as we head into summer and all of the traveling that comes with it. This morning, though, there's even better news when it comes to fuel.

Price Of Gas Drops In Amarillo, Texas Again

According to the AAA's gas prices website, the average price of gas in Amarillo dropped again. Now, we're sitting at $2.777 per gallon. Last week, the average price was $2.793. I don't know anyone who gets upset about the price of gas going down.

This drop in price was enough to keep Amarillo the cheapest spot in the Lone Star State to fuel up before heading out on a big trip. For the most part, prices in Texas hover somewhere around $3.00 per gallon. The average price in Texas, according to AAA, is currently $2.972.

Why Is The Price Of Gas Going Down At The Start Of Summer?

It's tough keeping up with gas prices. They're constantly changing, and it seems like they spike just when you decide you're going to finally take that road trip you've been meaning to get to. The average price of gas in Amarillo being $2.777 is enough to make me want to hit the road before it goes up.

It's a bit of a head-scratcher, though. I would have guessed the price of gas would be going up considering we're pretty much in summer mode. People are traveling. There are a ton of activities. We've got a couple of holidays that involve a ton of time being on the road. I'm not complaining, just hoping that my summertime road trips stay as close to affordable as possible.

Get out there and enjoy while we've got the lowest average price of gas around.

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