We're fortunate in Texas to have some pretty nice airports. Nice as they may be, I hate being stuck waiting on a flight for whatever reason. I once spent an entire day hanging out at George Bush International and thought I was going to lose my mind. I can see desperately wanting to get on a flight, but being a stowaway is a bit too dramatic for me.

The Story Of A Lone Star Stowaway From Texas

A Texan has found himself staring down a federal charge after he decided to take matters into his own hands. Supposedly, he kept getting bumped from flights at Salt Lake City International Airport. The story goes that he got fed up, and decided to find a way aboard a plane.

I understand wanting to get the hell out of Utah and back to Texas, but still, you've got to play by the rules. What comes next, allegedly, is just plain wacky.

Faking A Boarding Pass And Hogging The Bathroom

According to reports, the alleged stowaway hatched a plan to get aboard a Delta flight headed for Austin, Texas after being stuck in Utah. His original flight was supposed to have left on Saturday, but he got bumped to Sunday. Supposedly, that Sunday flight was overbooked, so he'd have to wait a little longer.

He allegedly used the camera on his phone to snap pics of people's boarding passes when they weren't looking. A brilliant plan, except for the fact that he used the boarding pass of a little girl when he got on the plane. That's "oof" number one.

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"Oof" number two came when he was discovered supposedly opening the door to the emergency equipment area. A very helpful flight attendant pointed him in the direction of the airplane bathroom in the front of the plane. So, he went and hid in there. Supposedly, he finally came out of the bathroom just after loading was complete and the doors were being shut. He then made his way to the bathroom in the back of the plane.

The Worst Thought Through Stowaway Plan Of All Time

Once he finally left the back bathroom, he walked out into a cabin where every single seat was taken. Nothing stands out like a sore thumb on a plane than a person who doesn't have a place to sit. This is probably the biggest "oof." He could have at least asked how full the flight was before getting on.

As you might have guessed, they had to return to the gate, and our stowaway friend was even more stuck in Utah than before. That's where he's currently facing federal charges.

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