There's a lot happening in the area this weekend. Palo Duro Canyon has a celebration happening. The Tri-State Fair is happening. When the sun goes down, though, there's something really special happening at the drive-in.

Tascosa Drive-In is having a marathon of the greatest funny trio of all time.

Tascosa Drive-In Tackles A Busy Weekend In Amarillo, Texas

In a post on social media, Tascosa Drive-In told it exactly how it is. The Tri-State Fair is in town this weekend, and that's a lot to compete with. They're not wrong. However, I think they've come up with a pretty good idea.

This weekend we get something that I truly feel like is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, the drive-in will be having a Three Stooges marathon.

Read it again and let that sink in; a THREE STOOGES MARATHON.

Never in a million years did I think I would see those words together in a sentence.

How Does A Three Stooges Marathon Work?

Just how you would hope it would. It's a marathon, of the classic Three Stooges shorts. If you think back, you know that's where the good stuff is.

Imagine, sitting at the drive-in and "Three Blind Mice" starts playing, followed by Moe, Larry, and Curly. The thought of sharing that moment with my kids is enough to make me want to go. Kids love Three Stooges. Hell, I love Three Stooges.

According to the info they've put on social media, the cost for the Three Stooges Marathon is $15 a carload.

There are a lot of great options for things to do this weekend in Amarillo. When the sun goes down, think about the drive-in.

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