During a press conference held earlier today, there was one thing that stuck out to me the most. Officials stated repeatedly that the shooting at the Tri-State Fair was not a mass shooting. So, when someone asks you about the mass shooting that took place, remind them.

The shooting at the Tri-State Fair was not a mass shooting.

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A Tragic End To What Should Have Been A Fun Night

The Fair always brings with it a lot of fun for those that attend. The rides, the games, the shows, the concerts; it all works together to create a fun time out of the house.

Tragically, last night (9/19) things ended with a shooting. It's an incident that has lead to more security measures being put in place, and reevaluation heading into next year.

You can find more details on what happened here.

Social Media Rumors

As is the case with anything like this that happens, people take to social media. Apparently there are those who believe this was a mass shooting. That's not the case, according to what was shared during a press conference held earlier today.

While people may argue over the details of what happened, I appreciate the stance taken by some "Jerks" in town. By "Jerks", I mean Soda Jerks.

They put out a statement, and I appreciate the tone they took. It's one that I would like to echo.

In their statement, they thank law enforcement and first responders for their quick actions. They also express how their thoughts and prayers are with those who were involved in the situation.

They also took the time to remind everyone to be cautious of just accepting what you read on social media, and that we should familiarize ourselves with the facts surrounding the incident.

Seems pretty level headed to me.

For the remainder of the week, there will be an increased security presence at the Tri-State Fair, and once the Fair is over there will be a reevaluation of security measures for next year.

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