The Internet is full of strange, weird, and downright odd information. It's a special place where everything exists; all at once. If you can dream it up, it's probably out there. That's what makes it so much fun. Sometimes, those weird things become insanely popular and wind up becoming a meme.

One of the greatest YouTube videos of all time, just so happens to be a Texas original.

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ThePriceMaster And Denton, Texas

ThePriceMaster is a legend on the Internet. There are deep dives into the hidden meanings and lessons taught by ThePriceMaster about commerce and consumerism. You can also find a fair amount of merchandise bearing ThePriceMaster's likeness.

ThePriceMaster via YouTube
ThePriceMaster via YouTube

The original video was made in 2001. Earlier this year, the 22nd anniversary of the original was celebrated in its birthplace; Denton, Texas.

The Glory Of A Bygone Era

In several comment sections across the web, you see a common topic being brought up. That topic is the former glory of what was once public access TV.

ThePriceMaster via YouTube
ThePriceMaster via YouTube

Public access was a special place where a person with an idea could film that idea, and then feed it to the public. Rules existed, but were few and far between. There wasn't some guy in a suit consulting with focus groups on whether or not your show would resonate with audiences. Ratings didn't matter.

Public access was a holy place.

Sure, there were many times that what you saw was horrendously bad. A wannabe talk show host would fumble their way through prank phone calls coming in from bored teenagers. Those who couldn't get a record deal had a place to put their low budget music videos.

Anyone could be a star on public access.

ThePriceMaster was; and still is.

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