For whatever reason, you find yourself looking for an app that records phone calls. In the description of the app, it mentions that recording a phone call may be illegal in your state. Your mind begins to race, and you realize you have no idea whether or not you live in a state where recording a phone call is legal. I'm here to help answer that for you.

Is it illegal to record a phone call in Texas? Here's the truth.

The Difference Between A One-Party Consent State And Two-Party Consent State

When it comes to recording a conversation, you need to know the difference between a one-party consent state and a two-party consent state. In case you haven't pieced together the context clues, a one-party consent state requires only one person involved in the conversation to know that it's being recorded. I think you can figure out what a two-party consent state is.

It's pretty straightforward and simple.

Texas Is A One-Party Consent State

If you live in Texas, and you happen to be part of the conversation that's going to be recorded, congrats. You can record the conversation that you are a part of thanks to the Lone Star State being a one-party consent state.

This source even states that you can do so without notifying the other party that the conversation is being recorded. Something to keep in mind, though, is whether or not the person on the other end of the line is in a two-party consent state. It matters.

Something you can not do is record a conversation that you are not a part of and where people have a reasonable expectation of privacy. You probably shouldn't just go around recording people having conversations. One, it's incredibly creepy. Two, it's probably going to get you some jail time or a big fine.

So, when it comes to recording a conversation in Texas, you can record it; just as long as you're in it.

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