I was recently made aware of the word antipode. Pardon my ignorance, but I had no idea we had a single word for two opposite points connected by a straight line through the globe. Upon discovering this magical new word, I asked myself the obvious question.

If you dig in Amarillo, without stopping, where would you end at?

If You Dig Straight Through The Earth From Amarillo, Where Would You End At?

The running joke is digging straight through the Earth and reaching China. That's not the case, which should be painfully obvious.

Unless you happen to be in the right spot.

If you happen to be in Amarillo, you won't reach China. In fact, you wouldn't be very close to it at all.

Thanks to this website, we can find out exactly where we would be.

I Really Hope You Like Sunshine, Warmer Weather, And Lots Of Water

Because if we dug straight through the Earth from Amarillo, and came out on the other side, we would be surrounded by water.

We would be actually be in the ocean near a French nature reserve, not too far from Amsterdam Island. Not too bad.

If you want to make a trek to the west, you might be able to find yourself landing on the coast of Madagascar.

I've been digging through a lot of translated French websites trying to learn as much as I can. I wasn't very successful though. The photos of these places are phenomenal.

Anyone have a backhoe a guy could borrow...forever?

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