It's something of a myth, a legend. Joining the Mile High Club is something that has been joked about for as long as I can remember. It's one of those things you've heard about constantly, but have never met anyone who will fess up to being a member. It's a daring act of passion high above the surface of the planet.

But, how illegal is it, really, to join the Mile High Club in Texas?

What Exactly Is The Mile High Club?

In case you've been living under a rock, I'll put it to you in terms that won't get me in trouble. Basically, joining the Mile High Club means that you have made "whoopee" or engaged in similar behavior while aboard an airplane...a mile above ground. The most popular spot to attempt obtaining your membership? That tiny closet they call a bathroom.

None of this sounds exactly legal, and one would assume it would get you in a lot of trouble. The question is, how much trouble?

Joining The Mile High Club Could Be A Federal Offense

It's fascinating how murky things get surrounding the legality of joining the Mile High Club. When you dive into the search results on Google, you get all kinds of answers. Some say it's actually legal, others say it is absolutely illegal. It's a mess, much like the club's initiation process.

I decided to see what some lawyers had to say on the issue. This criminal defense attorney from Texas jumped on TikTok to let everyone know that technically, it's not a problem if you try in the bathroom and no one sees you (no duh). If you are discovered, you could face some nasty charges and fines.

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There was a case in Texas where a man was caught engaging in some...private activities while in the public space of an airplane. He got slapped with a federal misdemeanor of lewd, indecent, or obscene conduct, and he had to pay a $500 fine.

This couple faced a similar punishment for not waiting until they got to their bedroom.

While joining the Mile High Club is something that has been talked about since probably the first flight, it probably isn't something you should pursue. The ramifications can damage your reputation and your bank account. Thanks to capitalism, though, there are services that offer flights for pretty much this exact purpose. While not as "daring," it's better than catching a charge.

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