A wild storm blew through Lubbock, Texas last Wednesday leaving the place a bit of a mess. Some of us in town cleaned up broken tree limbs and patched our rooves this morning, but, that's nothing compared to what we'd be cleaning up if an actual tornado had touched down. We're used to a little wind around here, and it seems everyone made it out just fine.

Unfortunately, the massive American flag, displayed high in the sky, in front of Camping World RV Sales took a serious beating. A huge chunk of it ripped off during the storm and flew across traffic on Loop 289. My coworker's wife happened to drive by when it blew into traffic. Thank goodness it didn't land on a passing vehicle and cause an accident.

A Mexican restaurant across the Loop from Camping World, Polly's Place, captured a video of the fallen flag being rescued from the roadway by a good Samaritan. He went out into the nasty weather, grabbed it, and by doing so, not only helped protect other motorists from the possibility of it flying into them, but

Check out the video below:

According to the comment section of the Facebook post, the good samaritan is a US veteran named Robert Martin. You can learn more about this touching story tonight during the 6 o'clock news on KCBD.

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