Who wouldn't want to own a gorilla?

Image by Christine Sponchia from Pixabay/Image by 17959117 from Pixabay
Image by Christine Sponchia from Pixabay/Image by 17959117 from Pixabay

You And Your Gorilla

Just think of the fun you and your gorilla pal could have. You could go on nice drives with the gorilla holding his head out of the window. You could walk around shopping centers looking for banana-flavored froyo. You could also have your gorilla rip the arms off of people you don't like, especially people who don't return their carts at supermarkets.

Care And Feeding Of Gorillas

I hope you're ready for the upkeep on a gorilla. A good-sized gorilla can go around 350 pounds and eat up to 45 pounds of food a day. Keeping up with gorilla poo can be a problem too, because they tend to potty every couple hours and drop about a half pound each time. The good news is, sometimes they eat their own poo, so don't kiss your pet gorilla on the mouth.

Make It Happen Cap'n!

So technically, the answer is yes, you can own a gorilla, mostly if you live in the country and you're ready to go with all the red tape involved. So why ask the question of "Can You Own A Gorilla In Texas" at all?  I saw a story from a fellow contributor about someone who has a gorilla enclosure (with a gorilla, of course) in Amarillo, Texas. Can you imagine that? You're just sitting there with all the other jungle babies (I guess it was adopted as a baby) and all of a sudden you're in Amarillo, Texas.  I don't know if gorillas know the concept of "weird" but if they do, this gorilla has to be thinking it.

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