Everything you think you know about the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders is wrong.

Wes Nessman
Wes Nessman

She Caused A Stir

You may have thought the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders were a wholesome gang of girls put together to support the team. The truth is, the squad was put together after a dancer, and by dancer I mean stripper, caused a stir at the game.

The Connection To The Cowboys

The ladies name was Bubbles Cash. She made her way down the stairs at the 50 yard line at a Dallas Cowboys football game carrying cotton candy in both hands. She was so striking that she caused a stir in the crowd (a lot of old guys thinking "Hubba Hubba"). This led to the Cowboys owner at the time, Tex Schramm putting two and two together, and deciding that this kind of thing could draw more people into the ball games.

Her Fame Grows

Bubbles took advantage of her newfound publicity and actually ran for Governor Of Texas twice. She also played the role of a stripper in a TV movie called, "Mars Needs Women" who was abducted by aliens (video below). That movie also featured Yvonne Craig, who was Batgirl in the original Batman TV series. Prior to that, Bubbles starred in two B movies, "Hip, Hot, And 21", and "Hot Thrills And Warm Chills".

Thank You, Bubbles

So we have the very lovely Bubbles Cash to thank for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. There is a very nice group of family and friends who work to keep Bubble's memory alive on Facebook you can check them out here.

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