Nestled off of I20, about two hours east of Dallas, TX and two hours west of Shreveport, LA, is a city block in a tiny town that is known as the "World's Richest Acre," but how'd it get such a distinguished title?

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If you've driven through downtown Kilgore, you may have seen the oil derricks, but do you know the story behind them? Turns out that story is one that is exclusive to the tiny East Texas town, and one even cooler than the massive derricks that line the streets.

Did you know that for a time, beginning in the 1930s, this downtown block in Kilgore produced over 2.5 million barrels of oil? It was the greatest concentration of oil wells in the world.

Here's what Texas Time Travel wrote about it:

On part of one downtown block, about 1.2 acres, once stood the greatest concentration of oil wells in the world, producing more than 2.5 million barrels of oil. All but one were dismantled in the early 1960s. The original derrick and 36 new ones, a restored pumpjack, a granite monument to the pioneer oil families of East Texas, and brick walkways make the park a monument to the oil boom of 1930s.

According to the Kilgore Chamber, "The discovery of the surrounding East Texas oilfield in the fall of 1930 transformed Kilgore from a declining rural community into a boomtown. Within days thousands streamed into the town."

There ya go, a fun East Texas history lesson for you today. Who knows how many other intriguing tidbits of Texas history there are still out there waiting to be learned.

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