Button batteries have become fairly ubiquitous.  They're in everything from bathroom scales to hearing aids, car remotes to singing cards.  And lately they've been ending up in children's stomachs.

Poison centers have recently seen an increase in calls reporting the ingestion of button batteries.  The calls usually involve children under six but reports have also come in of senior citizens accidentally swallowing the batteries.

Button-battery-related incidents resulting in severe injury and fatality have increased sevenfold since 1985. In 2010 alone more than 3,400 ingestions were reported in the United States.

Batteries may become lodged in the throat or intestines and can result in a dangerous chemical burn. Lithium button batteries pose a serious problem because saliva can trigger an electrical current that causes a chemical reaction, burning the esophagus.

Parents with battery ingesting children should contact their doctor, monitor to make sure the battery is passed, have them drink more fluids and increase fiber intake.

Very similar to quarter swallowing protocol.

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