I work in Downtown Amarillo on top of my job here on the radio. This has been the talk for a while. Paid Parking is coming.

The first rumor was at the beginning of the year. When that didn't happen, we were happy. The next talk was on March 4th. Still nothing.

Oh, there were a ton of markings on the sidewalks. Some signs were finally installed and covered up. But then it happened.

Credit Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Does this make any sense? I mean paid parking downtown, I get it. Why for the love of God are you only penalizing some of the hard workers of Amarillo? Why is paid parking only from 8 am through 5 pm? WHY!?!?!

Credit: City Of Amarillo Twitter page

This is the only communication I have really seen on this. Yes, I can go to a meeting to find out more. But hey! I am WORKING! Thanks a lot, City of Amarillo!

Oh and before you say something! Yes! Where I work has a parking garage and several lots for their employees. I do, though, get to work way past the 8 am start time and the only place available for now is a couple of blocks from my entrance. I am not against walking but there are those days here in Amarillo that there is strong winds, rain, or snow!

Did I mention there is NO PAID PARKING ON POLK! Polk? Where a lot of our downtown restaurants are located. None of this is making sense!

Why are you not trying to make money from the ones going downtown to eat or to attend a precious baseball game? I go Downtown to work! I don't want to pay $8 a day just so I can work.

Oh and have to move my car every 3 hours.

I currently park my car on the street. I have for years! It is a close walk to where I work and all the locations I need for my job!

I heard there is a 3 month grace period since the signs have been revealed before we start getting tickets. Am I going to get a warning every day for the next 3 months? I feel sorry for those writing the warnings.

It has already started!

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

I wouldn't complain as much IF paid parking was from 8 am until 10 pm. But NO! It's just when and where I work that is being hit.

Again! This doesn't make sense. I can park nowhere near my employer. Parking is really limited! What about our customer's? Do they need to pay $1 an hour to do business with us?

Does that help out the businesses downtown? Unless you are an entertainment venue or restaurant. Unless you are a place that will have you there for a couple of hours entertaining you....this doesn't make sense.

Oh but that is right...if you go downtown Amarillo after 5 pm for any of those reasons these same places I park to go to work are free! FREE!