Amarillo is always good for a bizarre story or two per week. Don't believe me? Check the news feeds.

This is the one I feel takes the cake for this week though.

Isidro Chavarria is currently serving a term at a prison in Beaumont Medium Federal Correctional Facility for drug trafficking. He was charged back in 2018 and later convicted.

Now it appears his wife could be joining him in a correctional facility, and it's not for visitation.

Toni Dominica Estrada has been charged with distribution and possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine. She was arrested along with Nathan Barrientez by the DEA on Monday.

Amarillo police were tipped by someone that Estrada was selling drugs from her home. The source provided police with all sorts of goodies including recorded phone calls, text messages between the source and Estrada, and also communication with Chavarria as well.

I know it sounds like it's just another drug bust in Amarillo, but this one has a twist.

As Chavarria was going through his trial and ultimate conviction, Estrada kept the "family business" afloat and running. I mean, you would think that once your husband has been caught, federal agents and local police would have a close eye on whether or not things continued.

It would appear they didn't, and it took this confidential source to make the bust.

Several different transactions took place between the source, as well as undercover agents over the course of a few months. One confidential source was sold a whopping 433 grams of meth in one transaction by Barrientez. It was after that transaction that he went back to Estrada's house. That was how they realized the two were connected.

Estrada and Barrientez are currently waiting to be arraigned on the charges.

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