When it comes to violent residents of Amarillo's parks, what comes to mind? Loose dogs? Dangerous Strangers? Well, I have a feeling that the menaces that I am about to speak about, trump all other park dangers.

They're feathery, they're all over the place at Medi-Park, and it seems like they're here to make any unlucky passerby's life miserable. I'm talking about geese. I can personally attest that these hell-spawns seem to revel in harassing and terrorizing Medi-Park's guests.

Did you bring bread for the ducks? Well too bad, it's theirs now.

Did you bring food for a picnic? Well too bad, now they've surrounded you and are ready to attack you.

Did you expect to enjoy a walk in the park? Well too bad, because now you have at least 15 geese chasing you now.

And it's not just a few anecdotes that I have to back my claims behind why geese are the worst. According to research by the University of Illinois, geese will not leave an area that they choose to remain in, despite any efforts on the end of humans to get rid of them in the are.

How to Fight Them Off
So if you can't run them off, how can we win the battle against these feathery demons? Here are some tips that I've sound

  1. Maintain DistanceWhen encountering geese at the park,  keep a safe distance. Approaching them or getting too close can provoke their territorial instincts, leading to aggressive behavior. Maintain a respectful distance to reduce the chances of confrontations.
  2. Avoid Feeding ThemFeeding geese might seem like a fun activity, but it can contribute to their aggressive behavior and overpopulation. It's best to avoid feeding them, as it encourages dependency on human-provided food and disrupts their natural foraging habits.
  3. Stand Your GroundIf a goose starts approaching you or shows signs of aggression, remain calm and stand your ground. Do not run away, as this can trigger a chase response. Instead, face the goose directly, maintain eye contact, and slowly back away while keeping a composed demeanor.
  4. Don't Harass or Chase ThemWhile it might be tempting to chase or harass geese to make them leave, such actions can escalate the situation and increase the geese's aggression. Plus, according to the research that I mentioned earlier. It turns out chasing geese does not even do anything in the long run.

So in conclusion, while we cannot outright destroy our honking enemies at medi-park, the best we can do to keep them at bay is the follow the guidelines above. So remember, if you are ever surrounded by geese who are ready to steal your soul, remember the tips given above.

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