Imagine with me, if you will, that you've spent a long day at work and you want to unwind at a restaurant you've yet to try. You go inside, get seated, and begin to look through the menu. Then you hear the pitter-patter of little feet running all around your table.

Parents, please keep an eye on your kids when you go out to eat. Make the visit easier on all of us.

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Disorganized Fire Drill At Dinner Time

I was at Cedars Mediterranean Cuisine recently with my wife and two-year-old son. I recommend making a stop here if you haven't. The food was great. The staff was nice.

It was well worth rolling the dice to try something new. Stop by the next time your in the neighborhood.

As we were getting ready to leave, someone mentioned how cute our baby boy is, and how well behaved he is. Then they filled me in on how the polar opposite had happened right before we walked through the door.

Apparently, there were some small kids with their run of the place.


Mom, Dad, We Can Do Better

I'm no saint in this situation. My toddler has, more than once, decided to go and explore the dining room of a restaurant. I chase him down, take him back to the table, and the little Houdini wannabe tries immediately to make another grand escape.

It happens.

But to just be oblivious to the chaos your offspring are raining down upon your fellow patrons is almost unforgivable. We've all seen it.

Getting your kids out of the house and in public is great. Letting them learn how to coexist with complete strangers is healthy. Coexisting is not running under my table with you nowhere in the picture.

If All Else Fails, Try Scooby Doo

Here's my one bit of advice. If everything else fails, and that includes getting up with your child to take a walk and burn off some curiosity, try Scooby Doo.

It doesn't have to be Scooby Doo, but pull out the phone and put on something for them to watch for a second while you eat.

We don't leave the phone out for the whole meal, but if our bite-sized tyrant has flipped the switch and is content to cause a scene we'll kick on Scooby.

Whatever works and let's all of us have a quiet meal, right?

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