The kids are officially back in school and time and money are probably short.  You don't want to cook.  I don't want to cook so what do you say?  Let's not cook tonight.

Sonic is help you and me out with a deal you don't want to pass up.  Today you can get their yummy corn dogs for just 50¢.  That's 2 for $1,  20 for $10 and don't forget you do still have to pay the tax on your order.

Sonic wants to reward you for getting back to school and starting the school year off right and they are doing that with their corn dogs.

Tell the kids before you drop them off this morning or as you are picking them up that Sonic is cooking dinner and you're all having corn dogs.  But be prepared for the "can we get tater tots and french fries", "can I get a slush", "oooh can we get ice cream for dessert".  You know how that goes.

Go enjoy and have 50¢ corn dogs at Sonic tonight.

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