Got a GPS in your car? Maybe an iPod? Maybe you're really fancy and you use a hands-free cellphone kit? You've got nothing on this unnamed German man, who rigged an entire mobile office in his car.

The man was pulled over when he was seen passing a truck at 130 kilometers per hour (roughly 80 mph) in an area with a speed limit of 100 km per hour. Once pulled over, police saw a complete mobile office built on a wooden frame the man had constructed in his car. It included:

  • A laptop at an angle for easy use while driving.
  • A small printer.
  • A router.
  • A wireless Internet hotspot.
  • A large WLAN anettena.
  • A windshield mounted cellphone.
  • And an inverter to power the whole thing.

Since the police couldn't prove he was using this stuff while driving, they smacked him with a $153 speeding ticket.

That said, you see this guy coming? Consider pulling over.

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