Amarillo is mourning the loss of four children in a tragic accidental chemical poisoning.

Monday morning around five the Amarillo Fire Department was called to the 1300 block of Carolyn.  Upon arrival they found one person unconscious and several others sick.

The department quickly ruled out carbon monoxide poisoning and upgraded the incident to a Hazardous Materials call.  After interviewing the family members it was discovered a fumigant was recently used at the home.  At some point someone had tried to use water to cut down the fumes.  The fumigant contained a chemical called aluminum phosphide.  When it is mixed with water it creates a gas called phosphine gas and it is highly poisonous.

The fumigant used has been identified as Weevil-cide.  It is a restricted use pesticide and not available for consumer use.  It is prohibited to be used within 100 feet of a structure.  It is usually deployed in the country well away from humans.

It is unknown how long the victims had been exposed.  Along with the four deaths, six of the ten remaining family members are still in the hospital.


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