Amarillo has seen its fair share of drug trafficking issues over the years. For whatever reason, it seems that we tend to be a hub for producing and trafficking. It seems every other day we hear about a bust of some sort.

One of the biggest drugs we hear about in the city is meth. Most of the busts we hear and read about are related to meth, and some cocaine. We've had a few though recently that were related to fentanyl, the most dangerous drug on the market right now.

We seem to sweep the fentanyl issue under the rug inside Amarillo. Maybe it's because we don't hear enough about it, or we think there isn't an issue with it in the city considering most busts here are wrapped around meth.

I'm here to tell you it's time to stop sweeping it under the rug. Amarillo has a fentanyl problem, and the latest bust puts it on exhibit.

A traffic stop yesterday, March 13, 2024, uncovered some fentanyl trafficking, and it was no small amount. During the traffic stop, law enforcement officers uncovered 520 fentanyl pills, and $45,000 in cash inside the car.

The suspect, Neal Fry, was stopped on a simple traffic violation. That traffic violation was completely forgotten after what they discovered. He had a passenger with him as well, Mariena Jaleene Morrow, who was also arrested on an outstanding warrant.

Fry was charged with manufacture/delivery of a controlled substance, more than four grams but less than 200 grams.

Now we don't know if the pills were produced here in Amarillo, and if the suspect was just passing through town and made a traffic mistake. Regardless, fentanyl is showing that it's very present within the city.

Remember, the smallest dose of fentanyl can kill a grown adult. Imagine how little it would take for a child or young adult. If anything, this should serve as a notice to parents to make sure their kids aren't touching ANYTHING from someone they don't know.

Fentanyl doesn't have to be in pill form. It can be injected into something as unassuming as a gummy bear.

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