When you think of family trips, what comes to mind? Going to the beach, eating out, visiting museums or zoos. For this family of 6 from Borger, these suggestions seemed too boring to waste time, gas, and money on. But if that's the case, what sounds better than a lousy, old trip to the beach? Well, obviously it would be to STORM THE CAPITAL.

On January 4th, the Munn family packed their bags and drove off to Washington to participate in the January 6th protests against the results of the 2020 election. When the protests transformed into riots, the family proceeded to break into the Capitol through a broken window hoping to find evidence of a rigged election. After walking the halls and entering several rooms around the Capitol, they could not find any evidence and eventually left. But not without consequences

US Justice Department)
US Justice Department)

Months after the chaos, the U.S. District Court of Columbia was able to trace the Munn family's involvement in the riots through posts made on their Facebook accounts. The parents, Thomas and Dawn Munn were sentenced to 14 days in prison, three months of house arrest, and three years of probation, their adult children, Kayli and Joshuwa Munn were put on probation, and the oldest, Kristi received probation and was been put on house arrest, while an unnamed youngest child who is a minor has not been charged.

Regardless of political beliefs, and opinions over what happened on July 6th, it can be agreed that this family could have planned this trip a little better. So remember, even if there are no better options, breaking into the Capitol may not be the best idea for a family vacation.

Amarillo On 'America's Most Wanted'

I was surprised to find out recently that we also have a bit of a history with the show America's Most Wanted.

Digging through old news articles, I found several separate occasions where Amarillo and America's Most Wanted crossed paths. It makes me wonder if there are some that I've missed.

Thrilled to Be There: the Smiling Mugshots of Hutchinson County

Hutchinson County has plenty of people who have committed a criminal blunder (or two). And just like any other bigger city, jail is no fun. However, some of the residents of Borger and Stinnett are believers in keeping their spirits high in the face of adversity.

Not sure what we mean?

Well....let's just say that Randall County's cheerful inmates aren't the only ones who seem happy to be arrested....While there’s nothing funny about committing a crime, these offenders in Hutchinson County certainly do know how to light up a pod with their smile :-)

The 806's Strange & Screwed Up Crimes Of 2021.....So Far

It's 2021 and folks are making up for staying indoors and following the law all throughout 2020. This isn't always a good thing, though. There have been quite a few odd, wacky, and outright grotesque crimes committed in the Texas Panhandle this year so far.

From Friona to Lubbock, there's plenty of bad behavior on display throughout the 806 in 2021.

Take a look at what these hellions have gotten themselves into:

Wild, Weird, & Outright Odd Crimes of the Texas Panhandle in 2022

There's some strange things that happen here in the Texas Panhandle. And we do mean strange.

If you need a few examples....keep scrollin' to see some of the wild, weird, and flat out odd things that our local hellions have gotten themselves into this year....so far.


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