We all love a good season change, especially summer to fall.

The heat starts to die down, the leaves begin to change color. It's absolutely beautiful to watch and sit outside to enjoy.

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Only one problem here. Those leaves that are changing colors? They're actually dying. The grass that was green and plush? It's brown...and dying. So while you may want to sit outside and enjoy the cooler evenings and take in the beautiful colors of fall, you can't.

Your sinuses are plugged up. You can't stop sneezing every time you step outside. Your eyes are itching. Ahhhhh you stupid season changes!

However, you can help alleviate those things. The biggest culprit here, at least for me, is sinus congestion and pressure. I've tried so many different things to alleviate it and I want to help you get through the season change.


Ok, so this seems like the easy way out right? You can use a saline type of spray and hope is flushes it out. You can opt for a medicated nasal spray that burns going up, but also clears you relatively quickly. I will say I've used both, and the saline one didn't work overly well for me. The medicated one worked wonders, but it's like a drug. Once you've used it, you have a tendency to keep turning to it. Using it too much will make you grow dependent on it, and that's not what you're looking for. However, if you just need a quick fix I'd recommend it for sure.


I've used the Neti Pot on numerous occasions. I'll be honest, it took me a minute to get used to the idea of pouring water into one nostril and letting it flow through and out the other. I'm not good at trying things like this. I'm happy I finally bit the bullet though. There was something strangely gratifying about it if I'm being honest. It naturally clears out the sinus cavity and gives your nose and sinuses a cleaning unlike anything else. Highly recommend this option.


Here's another easy way out that isn't so intrusive on your nose and sinuses, decongestants in a pill form. Pretty simple really, pop it and go about your day. It's definitely a quick fix option that'll get you cleared up a bit if you're super congested.


So out of all of these, this is my favorite one. Kicking on a humidifier or vaporizer while you're sleeping is a brilliant way to allow yourself to breathe while you're sleeping. If you let one just run inside your house all day, you'll find yourself able to mitigate the allergies that are getting kicked up in the air and be able to breathe and be sneeze free while others around you aren't so lucky.

There's all sorts of other home remedy type of things you can do that I haven't listed. I'd be curious to see if you have some that maybe I haven't tried yet. When you've lived in Austin for 7+ years, you don't experience a whole ton of season change. Everyone in my family is having to get used to it again. Happy Fall!

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