We brought buyers and sellers together once again Saturday morning.

It's The Erwin Pawn Trade-A-Thon, want ads on the radio called in by our listeners.  People like you, with too much stuff and not enough money.  We do it every Saturday morning from 9-Noon.


We ask all our callers a poll question before they give their listing.  It helps us tie together the calls with a running theme and provides a little insight on the caller.  Lately it's been a question of food.

This week we were curious how much the burrito, relative new kid on the breakfast block, fares against the tried and true standard, the biscuit.

Biscuit or burrito?

Biscuit 12

Burrito 16

For me, burrito wins.  If only because you could actually roll a burrito full of biscuits if you wanted and that makes it superior.


We go over the rules of the program at the beginning of each hour.  This way everybody knows how it works and what is expected.  Along with the regular five rules, I always bring you a special rule #6 that changes every week.

Lately we've been appropriating disclaimers from other products and services and making them our own.  This week we stole the NFL's rebroadcasting rule.

Rule #6: Any rebroadcast or reproduction of Trade-A-Thon without the expressed written consent of News Talk 940 is strictly prohibited.

See you next Saturday at nine!

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