eBay is the latest company to be hacked.  What that means is hackers now have personal information from eBay.

Personal information like name, address, birthdays, email addresses, and of course your passwords.

So if you love to bid and sell on eBay then you need to change your password today.

The breach apparently occurred in February or March but the company became aware of it a few weeks ago.

From the eBay announcements:

Earlier today eBay Inc. announced it is aware of unauthorized access to eBay systems that may have exposed some customer information. There is no evidence that financial data was compromised and there is no evidence that PayPal or our customers have been affected by the unauthorized access to eBay systems. We are working with law enforcement and leading security experts to aggressively investigate the matter.

As a precaution, we will be asking all eBay users (both buyers and sellers) to change their passwords later today. As a global marketplace, nothing is more important to eBay than the security and trust of our customers. We regret any inconvenience or concern that this situation may cause you.  We know our customers and partners have high expectations of us, and we are committed to ensuring a safe and secure online experience for you on any connected device.

Either way keep your information safe.  It's probably a good idea to update and change your passwords frequently.