Late 2010 was a pretty strange time for Amarillo, but out of this strange time emerged some iconic moments that have been immortalized on the internet. Among the many internet sensations that spread through the internet like wildfire emerged the 23-year-old Amarillo native, Jacob Isom.

If his name alone does not ring a bell let me refresh your memory.

Jacob Isom, also known as the "Dude, you have no Quran" guy, quickly ascended to internet stardom in 2010, after rescuing a Quaran from a local preacher who had planned to burn the book on a grill.

The clip gained national recognition, sprouting an autotune remix on YouTube that currently has 1.3 million views on Youtube, and earning Jacob Isom an interview with CBS news contributor, Shira Lazar.


Although he rose to internet fame seemingly overnight, David Isom disappeared amount the vast expanse of the internet over the years. But after digging around a little bit, I found a pretty neat, but random series of videos that feature David Isom.

The subject of this series? A low-budget, 3 part-series Youtube cooking show.

In his short-lived, three-part cooking show, David Isoms teaches us how to make Philly cheesesteaks.

Aside from the directions themselves, Isom's cooking show is actually pretty entertaining to watch. Humorous comments and remarks throughout the videos, and an over-the-top method of cooking Philly cheesesteaks add spice to what could easily be a boring cooking video.

For being made in 2010, the video's humor and even production quality hold up surprisingly well. So if you're in the mood to learn how to make a Philly cheesesteak sandwich with a side of laughter, this series might be just right for you.

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