Tina Turner, known for her powerful vocals and electrifying performances, passed away at the age of 83 recently, leaving behind a musical legacy that resonates with millions of fans worldwide. And as stories come out about her amazing life, some interesting ones have come out about her supposed visits to Amarillo.

A recent Facebook post has been circulating through Amarillo Facebook groups making claims about the singer and her ties to the yellow city. It has been gaining some traction lately and has even been reposted by Visit Amarillo's Facebook page.

The post highlights the early career of the legendary Ike and Tina Turner, specifically their supposed debut in Amarillo, Texas, during the 1960s. According to the post, in their early days, the dynamic duo performed in Amarillo's Northside area known as "The Flats," starting at a now-demolished club called Club Delisa at 3rd and Van Buren, which has since been replaced by a linen company. As their popularity grew, they eventually moved their annual concert to the historic Nat Ballroom.

In light of these intriguing claims, it is worth exploring the accuracy and significance of this piece of Amarillo's musical history.

The Facebook post raises interesting questions about the early days of Ike and Tina Turner's careers. The Nat has indeed played host to numerous musical talents back in its glory years, so the idea that Tina Turner once performed there is not completely out of the question.

But trying to find traces of the now-demolished Club Delisa proved a bit difficult. The original poster was right in saying that a linen company now stands where the Club Delisa once stood, but little to no official traces of this club could be found.

The best that I could find in relation to Tina Turner performing in Amarillo was first and secondhand eyewitness accounts from commenters on the post above, who may have been to witness Tina in all of her glory while she was in Amarillo

My grannie went to this concert  she talks bout all the time

De'Lisha Jackson


I saw them in Amarillo in the early 60’s. I think the name of the club was The Tip Top Club. I worked at SIC and we financed many Cadillacs for Mr. Johnny Carter.

Mary Beth Greenhaw Avery


Love this! Keith, this is so true, thank you so much for the history of Tina Turner, I met her at an early age, again thank you for the history baby, love you. Rest in peace sweet lady. Prayers for family and friends.

Rosie Taylor


I was at that concert and it was 2 hours late starting

Chris Biddy

The Facebook post highlighting Ike and Tina Turner's early career in Amarillo, Texas, has ignited interest among locals. Trying to find the truth of the claims made in the post definitely proved difficult. But if anyone has any stories, photos, or more accounts of Tina Turner in Amarillo we would love to hear about it.

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