Wanna take your chance at getting onto a film, well here's your chance!

An independent film production, Parrack Productions is currently in pre-production and is in the process of casting roles for an independent film by the name "The Salesman".

As of right now, all we know about the film is that it is about a man, trying to move from a recent loss who comes into contact with a mysterious salesman. Although the salesman is seemingly friendly, something is off about him beneath his salesman persona.

The roles being cast for the film include Daniel who is described as  "A very quiet but respectful person. He likes to be alone. He is grieving the loss of a loved one and feels
disconnected from the world."

The next role is Penny "A woman who deeply cares about DANIEL and everyone around her. She always looks at the positive in things and
constantly pushes DANIEL out of his comfort zone."

And the last role, the Salesman  "A professional man. He takes pride in his work and will do what's necessary to make a sale. He will always use the correct manners and give off a friendly persona. But hidden within him is something dark and evil."

To submit an audition either scan the QR code below, which will bring you to a Google form, or contact Parrack Productions at parrackproductions@gmail.com.

Auditions will require your full name, email, phone number, a statement of the role you will be auditioning for, and a 1-3 minute long dramatic monologue.

To anyone looking into auditioning for this role, we wish you the best of luck.

Parrack Productions
Parrack Productions



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