Two major infrastructure upgrades in the City of Canyon are moving forward.

Canyon is expanding and future demands on the water system are being addressed now by the city.  Canyon recently purchased land with freshwater underneath and plan to dig four wells on the property to meet future demand.  The land is on the edge of the city and should well accommodate growth.  The city has sold surface rights to the land and were essentially able to get the water rights for no cost with the transaction.

The savings are expected to benefit the waste water improvements the city also needs.  Not only to accommodate growth but current residents will benefit from replacement of the waste water system.  The current system was installed in the '70's.

Installation of a new lift station and thousands of feet of pipe is expected to cost around $4 million and serve 2,000 homes.  According to city officials, the waste water project is the largest single project ever undertaken by the city.

It is expected commissioners will vote on the well project at the next meeting with discussion on financing the waste water project still up for deliberation.


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