Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Nothing makes a British woman more jealous than the posterior of Kate Middleton.  Many have spent thousands of pounds on bum-lifting surgery.  Now they have a new weapon in this bum-foolery.

Demand for cosmetic surgery to address this issue has grown by 500% this past year.  Almost as much as the body part has grown in the same period of time, for some people.  And alternative treatments are all the rage.  Especially effective treatments.

The treatment is called EndyMed 3DEEP.  It uses intense radio frequencies to zap the buttocks into a firmer attitude.  The treatment also improves collagen in the skin helping overall appearance.  The effect is long lasting.

Some see as much as an inch lift.

Women or Metro Men need just six 40-minute treatments for best results.  The cost is less than a quarter of implants.  And who really wants a bunch of plastic in their pants anyway?

The FDA has approved use of the EndyMed 3DEEP Fractional Skin Resurfacer for use in the United States.

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