It was want ads on the radio Saturday, for everybody!

Saturday mornings from 9-Noon we bring you The Erwin Pawn Trade-A-Thon.  It's your opportunity to both list items for sale and to find a great bargain.  We bring buyers and sellers together and its just about our favorite thing!


We ask all our callers a poll question before they give their listing.  It helps us get to know them better and provides for a running stream of thought during the show.  Sometimes topical and others out of left field, it's most often a fun and simple question.

This week we missed breakfast and as such we were very hungry.  It got us to wondering what you preference was among two breakfast meats.

What is your preference, sausage patty, sausage link, or bacon?

Bacon 19

Patty 6

Link 4

Bacon won it going away.  I chose bacon and had a huge bacon sandwich after the show.


We go over the Trade-A-Thon rules of conduct at the beginning of each hour.  This way everyone knows how it works.  I also add a special Rule #6 that changes every week.  Sometimes it's inspired by something that happened to me over the previous week.  This week I thought it was time to present a general disclaimer and cover all our bases.

Rule #6 The Trade-A-Thon terms of us may be changed at anytime without further notice.

Be aware and be around Saturday for another Erwin Pawn Trade-A-Thon!

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