A helpful rule for avoiding post-Thanksgiving food poisoning was a big part of last Saturday's Erwin Pawn Tradio Show.

We had a somewhat slow show for Thanksgiving weekend.  Lots of folks out of town or shopping put a dent in the festivities.

But the show went on.  Have you heard about Amarillo Estates? We devoted much time discussing this deplorable situation happening in our own backyard.

As is always the case we posed a big question to everyone that called in.  This week the burning case in point was whether or not callers shopped on Black Friday.

Black Friday was not very popular with Tradio fans.  16 abstained from shopping while 7 braved the crowds and pepper spray.  I did not shop on Black Friday.  I manned the couch at home and took in several old movies.  One I really liked was "Sunday In New York" from 1961 starring Jane Fonda.  Good flick.

Each week we give you the Erwin Pawn Tradio Show rules with a special rule that changes every week.  We call it Rule #6.

This week's Rule #6 is intended to keep you from poisoning yourself with that turkey carcass inhabiting your refrigerator.

Rule #6 - Make a sandwich and toss the rest.

That is, if you made your turkey on Thursday I highly advise you to see what's left to the garbage by now.  If you celebrated on Saturday I'd say make a sandwich now and toss the rest today.  I'm not sure what the Federal Regulation is concerning this but my rule is better safe than sorry.

And really do you want a sandwich made from the discarded and drying bits of turkey littering the edges of the pan?  That's about all that's left right now.

Besides, if you really love turkey we get to do the whole thing over again in a few weeks.