Amarillo police were called early Sunday to the 800 block of North Evergreen on an attempted burglary in progress.

Around 2am officers arrived at the scene.  The complainant told police a man armed with a knife was trying to get inside their apartment with three children inside.

The first responding officer observed the alleged burglar crouched in the yard, repeatedly and aggressively striking the ground with a meat cleaver.  The man was asked by police to stop but ignored the command and continued.

Eventually the man stood up and started walking towards the officer with the meat cleaver held at chest level.  The officer drew his gun and retreated while continuing to order the man to stop.  The man was within a few feet of the officer he suddenly dropped to the ground and again began assaulting the ground with his meat cleaver.

Backup officers arrived and surrounded the man.  The police tried to stun the man twice with little effect.  The man then stood up, dropped the meat cleaver and began walking away.

Officers than began to physically restrain the man who repeatedly attempted to reach into his pocket.  Officers later found a large fixed blade knife in a sheath on the man's leg.

Police believe the man's behavior was consistent with heavy narcotic use.  After officers took the man into custody he was taken to the hospital after complaining of pain.

41-year-ol Naisikenyan Pha is in custody and facing charges of Attempted Burglary of a Habitation, Aggravated Assaults on a Public Servant, and Resisting Arrest.  Pha is currently detoxing at the Potter County Detention Center.