In this recent teaser for Bud Light's upcoming Super Bowl 2014 commercial, the Governator is warming up for one hell of a ping pong match. 

Arnold Schwarzenegger has fully made the jump back from the politician's office to the spotlight. No, this isn't some sort of 'Total Recall' artificial memory, this is the new teaser for Bud Light's Super Bowl 2014, and it looks like Conan the Conqueror is looking for a new area to dominate: ping pong. So what would this tabletop player say if you were to ask him what is best in life? We'd go with, "to crush your enemies, see them driven before you and to hear the lamentations of their ping pong team."

Due to the Super Bowl's prominence at being one of the highest-rated television broadcasts of the year, we have been eager to see what type of hilarious and fantastic commercials we would see this time around. And it looks like we are starting to get some teasers and leaks as to what these commercials are. Since the Super Bowl has such an immense following every year (roughly 100+ million a year), you can expect that its commercials net nearly as many viewers as the game itself.

As a result, companies go all out with their commercials during the Super Bowl in order to promote something that is long-lasting in the memories of its viewers. Since so many companies have taken the over-the-top route with the Super Bowl, they now try to out-do each other to the point where many viewers tune into the game simply for the commercials themselves.

Stay tuned as we continue to bring you up-to-date with more leaked info about the Super Bowl 2014 commercials as they become available.

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