It has been a long season, especially for us Cowboys fans. But, it was all worth it, especially for Jeff Dumenil. He was the winner of the season Pro Football Pick em' Contest.

Jeff picked the most games correct in the Amarillo area and thanks to Mulligans, he's walking away with a 60 Inch Sharp LED HDTV! That's right. This TV is huge!

After talking with Jeff, he was totally stoked. While he won't be able to watch his favorite team (Dallas Cowboys) or his favorite player (Demarcus Ware) in the playoffs, he will be watching them in style. He and his kiddo are going to be treated to some big screen "pig skin" matches for the rest of the season and moving forward!

Big congratulations to Jeff Dumenil and all those who won gift cards this year! Also, a big thanks to Mulligan's for being the sponsor of the Amarillo Pro Football Pickem' Contest.

Photo Courtesy Of Jeff Dumenil
Photo Courtesy Of Jeff Dumenil