You see the Red Kettles of the Salvation Army in many places.  Too many of you are walking right by.

The bell ringers have been out for weeks, sharing sounds of the season attempting to raise money for the Salvation Army.  It’s the primary fundraiser for the charitable organization.  The goal this year was to raise $250,000.  Unfortunately it looks like they may fall short.

They are about $40,000 short of this time last year.

The presumption isn’t that people are less generous.  It appears to be a sign of the times.  People just don’t carry loose coins and bills as much as they used to.

I got to bell ring around Thanksgiving and I experienced this first hand.  I saw several people go back to their cars to retrieve change from what used to be called an ashtray to deposit in the kettle.

If you’ve been passing the kettles because you don’t have any change but would like to help you can call 1-800-SAL-ARMY.  Be sure to specify Amarillo as the destination for your donation.

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