One of my all-time weakness is hands down Indian food.

When it is cold outside, when I feel under the weather or when I want to celebrate Indian food, always fits the occasion!

For many years it was hard to find a good authentic Indian food in the 806. Until It's A Punjabi Affair came to town!

It's a Punjabi Affair is a locally own Indian food restaurant located on 4201 Bushland Blvd in Amarillo. They serve up all your favorite dishes like buttered chicken, Nakh-rah Naan, Lamb de Curry, and more!

I was so excited to see in my newsfeed over the weekend that Its A Punjabi Affair is gainings national attention is the "One of the best Indian restaurants you've probably never heard of..."

The restaurant has been featured on popular food vlog Telehue Food!


Telehue Food currently has close to 100K followers and his growing every day. 

In their video, they showcase all the fantastic food IAPA has to offer plus features the owners Amol Chahal and TJ Sarkaria share why they chose to bring the flavors of India to the Texas, Panhandle.

Congrats to our local treasure!

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