As it turns out, a breach in security opened up 'The People's Federal Credit Union' to vulnerability resulting in customers losing thousands of dollars. Charges popping up in California tipped people off and the APD Organized Crime Unit is working to correct the problem.

"They attempted small charges and if the randomly generated number didn't come back as invalid, they then used them at merchants that did not require the three-digit code on the back of the card or a pin number," a credit union news release said.

Amarillo police are coordinating with California law enforcement to ensure that no more transactions go through and to work on apprehending the criminals involved. Members who saw a loss in funds were issued new debit cards and had their funds reimbursed.

Police are unsure how many Credit Union members lost money but have received dozens of calls reporting false charges using debit cards on member accounts. Most members reported discovering the loss of funds while checking their account online. The charges were reported as being from a few hundred dollars up to $1000.