Amarillo police are currently in a standoff in southwest Amarillo near Amarillo High School.  Police were responding to a burglary call this morning at 10:15am in the Puckett residential area of the city at the 3500 block of Danbury St. A suspect in one or more of the burglaries ran into a home on the 3500 block of Carlton.  Police believe to have seen the man carrying a handgun as he made entry to the house.  Access to the neighborhood remains restricted as the situation continues to unfold.

At 1:32pm the Amarillo Police gave this official update:

The situation on Carlton remains unchanged at this moment. Traffic will remain blocked. A DPS helicopter has been activated to help monitor the situation. Access to the neighborhood will remain restricted until further notice.

The original release of the story reads as follows:

At approximately 10:15 AM, APD officers responded to several burglaries in the area of the 3500 block of Danbury St. A suspect in one or more of the burglaries ran to a home in the 3500 block of Carlton and made entry. Officers have seen the suspect and he appeared to have been armed with what appeared to be a handgun. Amarillo SWAT and negotiators are on scene attempting to make contact with the suspect at this time.


We're listening to the police scanner and they are saying it is a white male, approximately 5ft 10in and approximately 125 pounds.  He was driving a GMC vehicle before he abandoned it and made entry to the home.  This information is currently being gathered by us on a police scanner.

We'll keep you updated as the story unfolds. See some video footage courtesy of NBC/FOX Amarillo below.