I can’t imagine working out using a face covering or a mask. Just walking up a few flights of stairs with a mask on is hard enough. With the COVID-19 spike striking Texas and other states, certain businesses are now requiring extra measures to stop the spread. Planet Fitness one of America’s largest gym facilities will require members and guests to wear a protective face covering in their clubs beginning August 1.

The email that I received stated: going forward, Planet Fitness has "enhanced our existing cleanliness policies and procedures," but wanted to employ additional methods to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

"Effective August 1, all Planet Fitness members (you!) & guests will be required to wear a mask inside our clubs, at all times, this added safety precaution also helps us to remain open to serve you and keep you healthy and moving!"

Not only will Planet Fitness members be required to wear a protective face covering, but all employees are required to as well.  Anyone who has a medical exemption that allows them not to wear a mask will be allowed to freeze their membership, as well as those who simply choose not to wear a mask will be asked to abstain from using the facility until masks are no longer required.

1,450 Planet Fitness gyms are open out of 2,000 total. A handful of states still have locations closed under state guidelines, including Arizona and California, which had allowed gym reopenings then moved to close again as cases spiked.

Planet Fitness suggests members use their exclusive "Crowd Meter" which shows how many people are at the gym before going by using the Planet Fitness app.






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