I didn't think it would happen to me, but I shattered my phone screen. I was face timing with my best friend and I dropped my phone onto the rocks.

I've always taken care of my devices and never had this issue until now. I called around for quotes and asked friends who would be the best at repairing the screen.

"Fix in a Zip next to Chop Chop." My friend offered. "They do fast repairs and they warranty their repairs." I gave it a shot.

I walked to their beautiful shop and was greeted. I told them about my situation and they said it was no problem to fix. In about 10 minutes, my phone had a new screen and screen protector.

Credit: Fix in a Zip
Credit: Fix in a Zip

They have a case wall with the best-rated cases on the market. I took them up on their $40 case/screen protector offer, so if the tempered glass screen protector cracks, I can just walk in and they will slap on a new one no charge.

They explained to me that if there is anything defective with the repair that they warranty the product for the lifetime of the phone. They also gave me 10% off for being a first-time customer! 

No hassle, no hidden fees, and no issues. They literally Fixed it in a Zip.

Check them out on Facebook and their Website. It's awesome to know there is a repair shop that doesn't seem too sketchy.


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