It's been 100 years since a new veterinary school in Texas.  Amarillo hopes to be the next to open.

The City of Amarillo has approved a $15 million grant for Texas Tech to entice them to bring a veterinary school to the High Plains.  The grant was unanimously approved. The move still has to be approved by the state legislature.

The project is expected to bring high paying jobs and positively impact the local economy.

The money will be used to construct three buildings on the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center campus in west Amarillo.

A dramatic shortage of qualified veterinarians in the area and across the tri-state area has prompted the move.  Amarillo's vibrant cattle and equine community are part of the attraction for the school to construct the school here.

The program hopes to directly address the shortage.  The school is expected to have around 240 professionals and undergraduate students working and learning in the new building once its operational.

If approved by the legislature construction won't start for at least two years.  It is hoped the facility will be fully operational by 2022.