Dogs around the city will soon be busy remarking territory.

The Amarillo Fire Department’s annual rite of passage begins on Monday.  That’s when fire crews will begin fire hydrant maintenance across the city.  They will work on the hydrants from 8am to 5pm.  At that pace they will be done by April 6th.

Each hydrant will not only be rinsed clean of any odiferous territorial residue, debris around the hydrants will be removes, all moving parts will be lubricated and each hydrant will be flushed and pressure checked.

It is possible you could notice a slight discoloration or sediment in your water after the AFD services the hydrant in your area.  The AFD maintains this isn’t harmful and should flush through the system within a few minutes.  The fire department recommends you call the Water Department if the problem persists at 378-6824.

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