Ah, the Fourth of July weekend, a time when the Randall County Sheriff's Office blesses us with their invaluable wisdom on calling 911. It's the one of busiest times of the year for emergency centers and they want to remind us simpletons about a few important things before we unnecessarily disturb any emergency workers.

According to this humorous post by the Potter County Sheriff's Office, we should take a moment to ponder before dialing 911. Is someone deceased or severely injured? Is someone's property in imminent danger? Does the situation pose an immediate threat to my safety or the safety of others? If not, chances are that we might not need emergency workers.

Considering the number of calls that they've already received in the past few weeks due to premature firework popping, I think it's safe to say that they've gotten a bit tired of the false alarms.

According to their post, the Fourth of July weekend is notorious for overwhelming 911 centers and emergency response teams. So, before you dial those three digits, be sure to think twice before making the call.

Do I blame them? No. Was this a pretty hilarious response? Most definitely.

So, my fellow citizens, as you revel in the Fourth of July festivities, remember the Sheriff's Office's sagacious advice. Celebrate responsibly, use that critical thinking cap before dialing 911, and spare those hardworking emergency responders from unnecessary calls about wayward fireworks and feline distress.  After all, it's not every day that emergency responders have to deal with pyrotechnics that lead to property destruction and blown off fingers.

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