If you're like me, then you love hockey. I don't care if it is on TV, live, on a video game. I just really love hockey. Might be because I always wanted to play and being in the Texas Panhandle, I was basically limited to the usual: Football, basketball, baseball and wrestling.

Brad Parker hasn't missed a hockey game in Amarillo in eight years. This season, however, the species has changed, from Gorillas to Bulls. The league has changed, from the minor league Central Hockey League to the junior level North American Hockey League. And the age has changed, from players in their mid-20s to those from ages 18 to 20.

But it has not made a difference to Parker.

"The skill level isn't quite what the CHL was," he said, "but the enthusiasm and intensity is probably 50 percent more. These kids play hard every shift, unlike what I've seen in the past. Their enthusiasm is just unbelievable. They're putting out good, quality entertainment."

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I think that these guys are better than the players in the CHL were and play with tons more heart. They skate fast, hit hard, fight and most of all have enthusiasm for the team they are a part of. My family and I love going to see them and as a matter of fact, I am looking at two tickets sitting on my desk right now. So, we'll be heading again soon.