Every state has their own quirky laws in effect, but Texas may just take the cake.

Some of these laws feel like they're from the Old West days, but they are STILL breakable laws in effect here. There's a good chance you have broken one of them. I know I have.

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Let's start with the law I KNOW I've broken. In certain Texas cities, did you know it is illegal to take more than 3 sips of beer while standing up? Yes, that's right. Apparently there are places where if you're standing and take that fourth sip of beer, you could be arrested on the spot. Can you imagine that call to your spouse or parent?

You: "Hey, can you come to the jail and get me?"
Other end: "What did you do??"
You: "I took four sips of beer while standing, and they locked me up"
Other end: "Uhhhh...I don't believe you. What did you REALLY do?"

The next crazy Texas law states that if you're going to commit a crime, you have to give the other party involved a 24 hour notice. You can do this orally or in writing, but you have to tell the person exactly what you're going to do, then stick to it. Yeah, ok. This one makes a WHOLE lot of sense.

You: "Hey, I'm gonna rob your house tomorrow while you're at work".
Victim: "Cool, thanks for the heads up. I leave around 7:30am. Have fun!"

How about this one? If you serve jailtime, you can legally request a horse and shotgun as you walk out the doors. The main question is, do they have to provide it? Can you imagine how many people would commit some petty crime to spend a month in jail to get a horse and shotgun upon release?

If you're a buffalo hunter, this one is for you. Whatever you do, do NOT shoot a buffalo from the second story of a hotel. That is illegal. However, there's nothing stating you can't get em from any other floor at the hotel...just don't do it from the second floor.

This one goes for you clean freaks and cleaning services. You CANNOT dust a public building with a feather duster. No idea why, maybe they just don't work effectively? Either way, you're gonna need a different way to get those desks and whatnot clean, because the feather duster shouldn't even be in your arsenal in a public building.

Here's a law about trash in Texas. You see something that looks tasty in that trash bin of your neighbor? Well, you better knock on their door before giving it a taste. In Texas, you have to have their permission to reach in the trash and munch on their tasty leftovers. I'd like to see how many people actually grant that permission...then post the video to TikTok.

The 7th and final strange Texas law is one that seems harmless...but really isn't. If you and a friend decide to tell people you are husband and wife in public three times, you can end up legally married. Wait, what?? How is that even provable?

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