Results are in for the vote yesterday concerning seven local bond issues and Mac Thornberry was re-elected to Congress.

The hottest local issues on the ballot concerned seven bond proposals that, if all approved, would see the property tax burden rise.  In return many projects were promised across a variety of expressed needs for Amarillo.

In the end, only the first two propositions passed while the remaining five failed.  Amarillo is now approved to offer over $100 million in bonds.

Proposition 1 is for $90 million dollars for streets and traffic improvements.  31,784 votes were cast for the measure while 25,214 were against.

Proposition 2 is for public safety improvements costing $20 million dollars.  30,903 were for with 25,821 against.

Congressman Mac Thornberry won re-election to the 13th district as the republican candidate.  He did not face democratic opposition but did defeat challengers from the Green and Libertarian parties.

By the end of this new term Thornberry will have served over three decades as representative of the 13th district.