Authorities in Dayton, Texas said Tuesday they removed 11 children from a crowded home.  The home is the residence of a registered sex offender.  And eight of the children were tied to beds.

10 adults were also living in the one-story, 1,700 sq ft home about 30 miles northeast of Houston.  And this story that couldn't get any more disturbing gets...more disturbing.

Authorities raided the house a month ago.  At this point it is unknown why but several children were removed then.  Authorities found two 2-year-old children tied to a bed during the January raid.  A legally blind, 5-year-old girl was in a restraint on a filthy mattress, and appeared to be in a daze. One child had a black eye and knocked-out tooth.

The adults told investigators they tied the children when they slept or took a nap during the day "for safety," the document said. An investigator noted that none of the adults said they saw anything wrong with the arrangement.

Two of the children had what authorities feared was pneumonia and were taken to a children's hospital. All have since been placed in foster homes, Carter said.

The recent visit was due to a neighbor complaining about loud music.
Criminal charges are pending.