Elisha (Sean Hannity's Producer) Wrote:

In her new book Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far Bristol Palin addresses the issue of becoming a national talking point, Sarah Palin’s ability to be a mom and politician, and the constant attacks from the left and right. Bristol is brutally honest about her mistakes, the lessons she has learned and being a hardworking single mom.

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She is beautiful, well spoken, and a sinner. But aren't we all?

Let's not be hypocrites ourselves, I'm talking to the right (Conservative Christians who call into the show and say she can’t really love and serve Jesus) and the left here (after all... the left is okay with promiscuous Hollywood stars and glorified a cheating President Clinton). Let's recognize the log in our own eye and wish Bristol the absolute best. Let’s focus on the issues and allow someone to lead their own life.

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